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The Live Gaming Room Is Gonna Be a Beautiful Thing!

As we sit around with nothing better to do than code for the site, brainstorm and bounce ideas off of each other. A great thing has been coming along amazingly fast and very progressively. Yup, it's the new gaming room!

Soon we will be patching the room to version 0.2 and allowing everyone to see our new showcase of features. These new features just bring the online gaming experience to a whole new look and feel. We have been looking at Roll20 and Fantasy Gaming Grounds and have taken the good from those VTTs, but are working very hard to leave the bad behind. PADnD's VTT is all about actually feeling like your at a table with your friends/group. Just hearing a fireplace, or some mood music instantly makes you feel different than other VTTs. Instant maps, fast enemy placement, instant DM screen, editable character sheet at a click, detailed areas from the DM etc all make for the BEST gaming experience.

Some other great things we are actively working on are different game versions (not just AD&D), but 3E, 5E, Pathfinder as well. You will be able to log in, fill in a character sheet within minutes and play along to whatever version of D&D your DM cares to run. The gaming table in the center will dynamically update to host a bunch of custom decorations according to the game version.

Just remember, this is a work in progress and it only gets done if everyone helps. Log onto the forums today and chime in. Help us, help you!

By: Cole

New Site Design - Total Redo!

Hail travelers of the realms! I'd like to announce the all new website. We have completely rebuilt the code and site design with all new modern standards in mind. No longer will side scrolling be required to view this site in it's entirety. Most, if not all areas of the site will now conform to all screen resolutions and devices as you browse.

We have also taken the time to restore some of the great utilities of the past and updated them as well to work properly once again. IE the alignment tests now produce results.

With the new design up and running we have also added many new features including the ability to register on the main site now instead of just the forums. (which are still separate from the core site). Once registered and logged in you will be able to submit D&D related reviews on anything you desire, share to the D&D wall, share files on the lost and found page, watch live TV and much more!

We are also in the process of adding a new gaming room, which is currently in beta stages as we develop the most table top sim to date. Sit at a table with up to 5 players and 1 DM. Create detailed maps on the fly, use the strategic maps to simulate vinyl battle scenes, play mood music for all to hear, roll dice for all to see live! For more info please visit our forums and look for the "Game Room" board. See you all soon!

By: Cole

So Much To Do - So Little Time!

Hey there fellow travelers!

Just another update to let people know we've gone through most of the site (if not all) now and updated all the broken code that unfortunately disabled a lot of our popular features. We either by-passed code to keep things running, or did complete upgrades as you may have noticed on the "Dark Poll".

List of Repaired/Fixed Features;

- Game Rooms (chat area)
- Dark Poll (multiple polls now on refresh)
- RPG Profiler
- Bard's Story (with upgrades)
- Guestbook
- Phaos
- Ultimate Art Gallery
- Various pages.

By: Cole

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