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MP3 music/We live in the future

PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:29 pm
by Stik
I bought a new car a few months back (well, new to me, anyway. It's a 2014). My last car was a 2000. It had a cassette deck and a CD player, which was advanced for the time, but nowadays, not so much. So I realize that I am somewhat behind the curb when it comes to digital music, but bear with me.

The new car doesn't have a CD player, which means that the 100 or so CDs (all burned copies - the originals stay at home) I normally carry in the car are useless. What it does have is an SD slot in the console (and also a USB port).
I bought a 32GB SD card and began copying all of my music onto it.
I am about 225 CDs into my collection at this point, and the card is only about 2/3 full.

The new car stereo is also voice-activated. I hit a button on the steering wheel and tell the car what album I want to hear, or tell it to browse a band, or whatever. (BTW - Rush fans, be advised: the car does not understand "play album twenty one twelve." You have to say "play album, two thousand one hundred twelve," but I digress.) And if I have more than one version of a particular song, a synthesized voice asks me which one I want to hear.

So, this little piece of plastic, which is about the size of a quarter, can hold my entire music library, and give me pretty much instant access to any song I own.
We truly live in the future.

Re: MP3 music/We live in the future

PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:39 pm
by Halaster-Blackcloak
It amazes me to no end that my tiny little key chain-sized flash drive which is smaller than a quarter can fit more info than my old computer did. It freaks me out even more when I realize that same tiny flash drive can hold every one of the hundreds of rulebooks, adventure modules, boxed sets, etc., the combined page count being in the tens of thousands and the weight being damn near 500 lbs. 8O

And still have space left for my music collection! 8O

My only issue with digital music is that it doesn't have the same sound quality. Even using relatively normal-range equipment, I can definitely hear a better sound from vinyl than from CD or digital. On higher-end equipment with vinyl - far, far better!