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The Thanksgiving Turkey Confrontation

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The Thanksgiving Turkey Confrontation

Post#1 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:34 am

Well, I decided to share a story about Thanksgiving this year. I bought my turkey from Larry Schultz Farms. Nice organic pasture-raised birds - they taste terrific, they're healthier than Butterball and the factory farmed crap, and they're juicy and delicious. I actually ordered it from a nearby co-op. Unfortunately, this co-op is in Oak Park, which is a liberal haven of incompetent retards that I've rarely seen rivaled anywhere on earth. These people can't negotiate a 4 way stop sign, and I'm now convinced that they need instructions to tell them how to wipe their asses.

So I called the place twice, and both times they said the turkeys were coming in FRESH, not FROZEN. I asked twice. They assured me - fresh, not frozen. So I said fine, I'll pick it up around 9PM on Tuesday, jut before Thanksgiving. I get there and the damned thing is frozen solid like a freaking bowling ball .We're talking about roughly 17 pounds of turkey here! So I told them it was supposed to be fresh, what's going on, etc. They bring out the manager and he doesn't have any common sense, courtesy, or customer service skills. This is what happens when you deal with idiot liberals at hippie co-ops. I told him look, I called your store TWICE, and TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE assured me the turkeys were coming in fresh. This bird would take 4 freaking days to thaw in my fridge! And I didn't like the risk and idea of spending 9+ hour changing the water in a huge tub every 30 minutes and being up until 6AM doing it. He refused to refund the deposit or give me a discount. He could have said:" Sorry, our mistake, let me give you a 10% discount." That would have been about $6 off a $60+ bird. Nope. So I cussed him out in front of customers, told him how I was going to go online and put up posters to hurt his business reputation and sales, and so on. I walked out with the bird.

So I called my bank, told them what happened, and they reversed the charges. Now I'm going to print up the refund from the bank, go into the store, and tell the manager:

"See ass-hole? You could have admitted your incompetence and shown some customer service skills. Instead you lost a customer, provided me with a free $60 turkey, and caused a public relations nightmare for your stupid little hippie hang out. Merry Christmas, ass-hole."

I am a terrorist when it comes to dealing with poor customer service, and I've only grown nastier and less tolerant each year.

A friend of mine said "Why do you treat these people like shit?"

My answer? "Because they are pieces of shit."

Hmmm. I think I'll call the Larry Schultz Farm people and see what they have to say about it too. Maybe I can help arrange for them to get their turkeys into Whole Foods instead, and really screw that co-op next year. Sometimes I even amaze myself. :twisted:

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