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Two gifts for worldbuilders

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Two gifts for worldbuilders

Post#1 » Sun Jan 05, 2020 8:06 am

Hi, everyone.
I've been away for a while - real-world stuff has kept me busy - but I do think of this place often, and I will be back when the smoke clears.
That being the case, I have posted two gifts for the world-builders among us in the DM's section, but I am posting them here, too, because non-DMs might find them interesting, too.
The first is a site which discusses various aspects of fiction versus medieval reality: A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry
This will be useful if you want to provide some verisimilitude to your world.

The second is slightly more obscure - it is a list of prices for various goods. The units are in real-world medieval currency, so it's useful mostly for comparisons, but interesting nonetheless.
Medieval Prices

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