OA Kensai.. What can and Can't they use??

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OA Kensai.. What can and Can't they use??

Postby garhkal » Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:01 pm

Ok.. Got a sticky one here..
By the write up for the Kensai in OA, they can't use a magical weapon of the one they focus in.
So by extension does that mean they CAN use magical weapons in general, jsut as long as its NOT their 'weapon of focus"?
Can they wear girdles of giant str? Gauntlets of ogre power while using a weapon?
What about ioun stones?

Could they benefit from Str enhancing magic spells, like Strength, (or 2es Strength of one, Champion's strength) and the like?
Haste or potions of speed??

For those who use martial arts, does the 'no magic' apply to all forms of footwear or handware??
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Re: OA Kensai.. What can and Can't they use??

Postby Halaster-Blackcloak » Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:58 pm

OA says they can use any weapon but cannot wear armor. If he uses weapons other than the one he specializes in, he gains only 1/2 xp. It says he cannot use magical weapons of the type he specializes in, because it's not a fair measure of his skill. So yes, it seems he is able to use other magic weapons of any sort other than the one he specializes in. I would rule by extension that this means he cannot use strength-increasing magic items while using his specialty weapon, although I would say I'd allow his natural STR bonus since that's just part of who he is and forms a part of his training in his specialty weapon. For those who use unarmed martial art, I'd say no, magical footwear or handware are not allowed. Nor belts of giant strength, etc.
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