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0.2b DM Screens

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0.2b DM Screens

Post#1 » Sat May 09, 2020 4:57 pm

Here is a feature all DM's could use in game. Most of us DM's, if not all of us have a DM screen handy to use. However it could be problematic if the screen can fit near your PC, but you still need access to it. So I developed a magical modal that allows players and DM's alike to snap open a DM screen in game. Just click the DM screen icon and a new window will pop open instantly.

Now at first glace it's hard to see, but if you move the mouse over it, it will zoom in, way in.. where you can read it easily. Just pan around the screen to the location you like and it will zoom in and you got your answer in seconds.

I also added this for players so they can get some answers on their own without bugging the DM constantly. ;)

Will be adding screens by game type soon ;) Default is 5E. All screens are public and are not official to avoid copyright issues with WotC.
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