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0.2b Character Sheets

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0.2b Character Sheets

Post#1 » Sat May 09, 2020 7:30 pm

What's a Virtual Table Top without character sheets right? I know, I know, we all could just have them in front of us, but there's nothing better than a sheet that allows full editing and we can never lose right? :)

Let's begin! Locate this icon on the screen, click it.

This is your editable character sheet. Just like your at the table right? Just start filling it in. No auto-fill here folks. It's just a real sheet. Fill in whatever you like. Once you are done editing, scroll to the bottom and click the "Submit" button to save all the data entered.

WARNING: Do not close this window before submitting or else ALL IS LOST! You can minimize it and open the window again later, but if you click the open icon again, poof, gone! So get in the habit of Submitting after each and every edit.

Now onto the static sheet. That's this icon Image Looks much the same right.. just no pencil. This icon opens your static character record. This is for your own personal use. It's instant, pops open and completed closed at the click of a button. Icon to open, white X to close.

This sheet allows quick reference to you and YOUR DM. This sheet can only be seen by you and (soon in beta 0.3) by the DM/GM. Nobody can change anything about this sheet period. It's for observation only. This window can't be moved in game (thus static) but it can be resized to fit any screen.

PORTRAIT PICTURES: You see that no avatar icon on your sheet? You can upload any image you like for your character. Just locate and click this icon Image Choose a pic from your PC/Device or grab one from the internet ;)

PASSWORD PROTECT YOUR PC/SHEET: The single most important thing for your sheet is to LOCK IT! When your done for the day, lock your sheet! At the bottom of the editable sheet you will see a place to insert a password. Put in a REALLY GOOD password that you will NEVER forget. It can be the same password for multiple characters. Make sure you see the locked icon Image on screen or it's not locked. Sometimes you need to enter the same password twice for the script to secure it. Then the next time you log in, just enter the game with the same Player Character name (exact spelling), go to the editable sheet, enter your password and the sheet will be unlocked again ;)

WARNING: I'm not responsible for your characters. If you don't lock your PC anyone that enters the game using the same exact name as your PC, they can and probably will mess shit up. So LOCK IT!!!
editable sheet
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static sheet
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