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0.3b Icon Helper!

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0.3b Icon Helper!

Post#1 » Mon May 18, 2020 7:48 pm

Well, I'm not much for maps with mini's in real life, but online this kind of feature can be a valuable resource for all DM's. In 0.1 we introduce the strat map AKA the battlemap. This is where a DM can upload any map in seconds and then begin pegging down icons readying the map for the game.

In 0.3 we have added the "Icon Helper" and this allow the Strat-Map to be used at maximum speed possible. There's nothing online even close to the ease of use, or speed as this guys. It's so fast you can upload a map, lay down all your icons and ready the scenario in minutes, if not seconds. Just open the new Icon Helper Window, click on the map location you want an icon to appear and click on the icon you want. Done! Rinse and repeat. ;)

For those of you wanting to hide the map, we added 3 new Fogs of War. To use these, simply paste down all the fogs you want over the areas you wish to hide, then paste down the creatures/objects you want. On the players screens they will see black fog over everything nearby. Each fog can be removed with one click just like all other icons.

Just awesome for DM's who need smooth speed and precision to their games :)
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