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 Post subject: Arnora Sepolitia Character Details
PostPosted: Sun Oct 25, 2015 4:42 pm 
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Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:00 am
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*Name: Arnora Sepoltia
*Race: Half Elf (Sun)
*Age: 18
*Age (if different from above):
*Height: 4’ 10”
*Build/Weight: 84lbs (currently slightly underweight)
*Hair: Silver
*Eyes: Red
Complexion: Pale, fair skin.
*Identifying Marks (if present): None, apart from her striking hair and deep red eyes.
*Clothes: Arnora is more at home in clothes that cover her form, she regularly dresses in long white shirts and trousers, prefering not reveal her flesh.

Personal Items usually carried: Apart from her weapons she always carries a locket given to her by the Danicens father, the locket is empty ready for her to fill when she finds her place in the world.

Personal Information:
*Personality: Arnora has always been quiet and unassuming, preferring to keep away from people if she can. Being kidnapped by a gang and mistreated has understandably made her more reclusive, she is frightened of men to a great degree..
*Occupation: Ranger
*Skills and Abilties: Tracking, the girl is quite strong for her size and very observant.
*Weapons Used: Rapier, Stilletto's

Background Information:
History: Rasised in Evermeet, Arnora was given the task of escorting two young nobles of the house of Danicen through Waterdeep. The party was attacked and the children taken, she was taken also to be… Disposed of, the men had other ideas and subjected her to hours of torment.
The experience has obviously changed the young half elf and not for the better, her confidence is low, she believes herself responsible and doubts her own abilities.
The truth is the young girl should never have been let out into the world, but the Danicen elders had a soft spot for her, they thought that the experience would help her grow.

File comment: Arnora
image.jpeg [ 22.62 KiB | Viewed 2365 times ]

Character Sheet

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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