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 Post subject: Calendar
PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:16 pm 
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Thu Jan 24, 2008 12:00 am
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The calendar is to help keep track of time, days, years, lunar phases, and so forth.

Days of the Week
Sunday: Gileadai (Ergoth), Friend Day (Plainsmen), Linaras (Solamnic), Brenzik (Dwarven), Gateway (Elven), Praise Day (Kender), Guard (Goblin)
Monday: Luindai (Ergoth), Hunt Day (Plainsmen), Palast (Solamnic), Mithrik (Dwarven), Bright Eye (Elven), Light Day (Kender), Pain (Goblin)
Tuesday: Nuindai (Ergoth), Share Day (Plainsmen), Majetag (Solamnic), Adamachtis (Dwarven), Night's Eye (Elven), Fire Day (Kender), Fear (Goblin)
Wednesday: Soldai (Ergoth), Gather Day (Plainsmen), Kirinor (Solamnic), Aurachil (Dwarven), Dead Eye (Elven), Winds Day (Kender), Rout (Goblin)
Thursday: Manthus (Ergoth), Barter Day (Plainsmen), Misham (Solamnic), Cuprig (Dwarven), Dream Dance (Elven), Waters Day (Kender), Strife (Goblin)
Friday: Shinarai (Ergoth), Worship Day (Plainsmen), Bakukal (Solamnic), Ferramis (Dwarven), Winged Trade (Elven), Ground Day (Kender), Feint (Goblin)
Saturday: Boreadai (Ergoth), Council Day (Plainsmen), Bracha (Solamnic), Agorin (Dwarven), World Tree (Elven), Shadow Day (Kender), Flank (Goblin)

Months of the Year
January: Aelmont (Ergoth), Ice Glaze (Plainsmen), Newkolt (Solamnic), Dark-Crypt (Dwarven), Winter Night (Elven), Snowfun (Kender), Famine (Goblin)
February: Rannmont (Ergoth), Snow Deep (Plainsmen), Deepkolt (Solamnic), Dark-Deep (Dwarven), Winter Deep (Elven), Darktime (Kender), Madness (Goblin)
March: Mishamont (Ergoth), Mountain Thaw (Plainsmen), Brookgreen (Solamnic), Damp-Mood (Dwarven), Spring Dawning (Elven), Windsong (Kender), Girding (Goblin)
April: Chislmont (Ergoth), Earth Wakes (Plainsmen), Yurthgreen (Solamnic), Damp-Chisel (Dwarven), Spring Rain (Elven), Raindrum (Kender), Scouting (Goblin)
May: Bran (Ergoth), Flower Blooms (Plainsmen), Fleurgreen (Solamnic), Dry-Anvil (Dwarven), Spring Blossom (Elven), Flowerfield (Kender), Campaign (Goblin)
June: Corij (Ergoth), Home Earth (Plainsmen), Holmswealth (Solamnic), Dry-Axe (Dwarven), Summer Home (Elven), Homefriends (Kender), Siege (Goblin)
July: Argon (Ergoth), Raging Fire (Plainsmen), Fierswelt (Solamnic), Dry-Heat (Dwarven), Summer Run (Elven), Wandertime (Kender), Flame (Goblin)
August: Sirrimont (Ergoth), Dying Ember (Plainsmen), Paleswelt (Solamnic), Dry-Forge (Dwarven), Summer End (Elven), Summerlaze (Kender), Sack (Goblin)
September: Reorxmont (Ergoth), Harvest Home (Plainsmen), Reapember (Solamnic), Cold-Hammer (Dwarven), Autumn Harvest (Elven), Harvestfete (Kender), Loot (Goblin)
October: Hiddumont (Ergoth), Leaf Gild (Plainsmen), Gildember (Solamnic), Cold-Steel (Dwarven), Autumn Twilight (Elven), Leafplay (Kender), Betrayal (Goblin)
November: H'rarmont (Ergoth), Dark Cold (Plainsmen), Darkember (Solamnic), Cold-Rust (Dwarven), Autumn Dark (Elven), Bleakcold (Kender), Pestilence (Goblin)
December: Phoenix (Ergoth), Frost Eve (Plainsmen), Frostkolt (Solamnic), Cold-Lode (Dwarven), Winter Come (Elven), Blessings (Kender), Reward (Goblin)

Hours of the Day - 0 = Darkwatch, 1 = After Darkwatch, 2 = Deepwatch, 3 = After Deepwatch, 4 = Early Watch, 5 = Waking Hour, 6 = Morning Watch, 7 = First Watch, 8 = Second Watch, 9 = Third Watch, 10 = Fourth Watch, 11 = Fifth Watch, 12 = High Watch, 13 = Seventh Watch, 14 = Eighth Watch, 15 = Ninth Watch, 16 = Tenth Watch, 17 = Eleventh Watch, 18 = Twelfth Watch, 19 = Evening Watch, 20 = Last Watch, 21 = Afterwatch, 22 = Late Watch, 23 = Restful Hour, and back to Darkwatch again.

Each month has exactly 30 days.

The lunar cycles can be kept track of here.


This is the fourth age of Krynn, known as the Age of Despair. It began on the Cataclysm. History has largely been forgotten, so I'll only cover this age and events significant to Abanansinia for now.

On the 13th day of Yule, the gods sent a fiery mountain onto Istar, changing the face of the world forever. Magical healing vanished, as did the gods, and the world fell into ruin.

39 AC
The Dwarfgate War occurred.

151 AC
Small warlords continue to rise up across Abanasinia. Minor battles break out; small fiefdoms come and go, over border wars and disputes. This goes on for at least a hundred years.

182 AC
The Que-Nal first arrived on Schallsea and immigrate there.

203 AC
01/11 - Flint Fireforge is born.

235 AC
Human bandits start to harry elven villages in the Qualinesti region, raping the women and butchering the men.

249 AC
03/09 - Tanis Half-Elven is born.

250 AC
After turbulent events in Qualinesti in 248 AC, human bandits withdraw from the region and cease harrying the elves.

258 AC
07/20 - Tulbas Erogund is born.

262 AC
02/27 - Haahqae is born.

271 AC
06/07 - Laurana Kanan is born.

288 AC
07/05 - Darga is born.

300 AC
06/16 - Shima Longfoot is born.

313 AC
12/02 - Tasslehoff Burrfoot is born.

318 AC
10/28 - Kitiara Uth Matar is born.

319 AC
05/02 - Riverwind of the Que-Shu is born.

322 AC
02/05 - Goldmoon of the Que-Shu is born.
08/05 - Sturm Brightblade is born.

325 AC
05/14 - Felran Del'ravdir is born.

326 AC
06/17 - Caramon and Raistlin Majere are born.

328 AC
01/26 - Ne-Chanz is born

329 AC
02/22 - Kynaston Trench is born.
06/21 - Coroccoco is born.

330 AC
04/04 - Arulia Seroth is born.

332 AC
06/03 - Kendra Synclair is born.

333 AC
06/19 - Gregeddin of Haven is born.

335 AC
05/26 - Khush of Esker is born.

337 AC
01/01 - Grubnick is born.

342 AC
The cult of Belzor starts to grow in Abanasinia.

345 AC
Raistlin Majere exposes the Belzor religion as false and fraudulent. He is then almost burned at the stake, but is rescued by his companions and the High Sheriff of Haven.

The owner of the only mageware shop in town, Lemuel, a human herbalist, is driven out of town by the Belzorites.

346 AC
A Silvanesti dark elf named Raetmal Erogundali arrives in Haven and takes over Lemuel's old mageware shop.

349 AC
The Red Dragonarmy invades Silvanesti. Tulbas, a refugee, manages to escape to Haven and moves in with his uncle.

Present year (Note: Blue text denotes things the party does. Red text denotes things happening to the Heroes of the Lance, from the books.)

351 AC
09/13 - The Companions reunite at the Inn of the Last Home in Solace. The Blue Crystal Staff is revealed. Events of "Haven and Hell" (CH. 1). Khush of Esker dies.
09/14 - The Companions encounter a strange being known as draconians and are chased into the forests. They follow a white stag to the Darken Wood and meet the Forestmaster. She tells them they must be in Xak Tsaroth in two days to receive the 'greatest gift to mankind.' They borrow pegasi and fly to the Eastwall mountains. Events of "Bear in Mine" (CH 2).
09/15 - The Companions discover that the hometown of Goldmoon and Riverwind, Que-Shu, has been burned to the ground. Heart-broken, they continue traveling to the east, pushing as hard as they can until exhaustion overtakes them. Meanwhile, plainsmen and civilized folk from northern villages head south telling tales of the invading dragon armies. Events of "Mages, Mages Everywhere" (CH. 3)
09/16 - The Companions make it to Xak Tsaroth and learn of the 'greatest gift to mankind,' that is, that the true gods never left. They are charged by the goddess Mishakal to recover the Disks of Mishakal from the black dragon Khisanth at the bottom of Xak Tsaroth.
09/17 - The Dragonarmies begin their march from the north. Ships bearing Dragonarmy soldiers set sail from Crossing toward New Ports. The Companions fight the evil dragon Khisanth, slaying her and destroying the Blue Crystal Staff. But in return, Goldmoon becomes a True Cleric of Mishakal. They flee to the west. Events of "False Gods" (CH. 4)
09/18 - Jakanth Vale, Sentinel Gap, Twin Peaks and Twin Flat are occupied by the Dragonarmies.
09/19 - Solace, Qué-Kiri, Qué-Shu fall to the might of the Dragonarmies. Dragonarmy ships arrive in New Ports and take the city by force. Events of "Vying Factions" (CH. 5)
09/20 - Darga dies. Shadow Canyon, Seeker Reaches, and Haven Vale are overrun by the Dragonarmies.
09/21 - Summer’s End, the autumnal equinox. The Lordcity of Haven and Gateway are attacked and occupied. The village of Qué-Teh is destroyed. Pax Tharkas is taken by the Dragonarmies; the slaves rounded up in conquered cities begin the journey there. In Haven, the council hall is converted to a temple to Takhisis and the Highseekers are rounded up and put on wagons to Pax Tharkas. The old fort is now where the occupation forces will be centered. About 10,000 refugees are gathered up and put in the wagons, too. Martial law is declared and the remaining citizens are indexed. Checkpoints are set up throughout the city. Any elves, save Tulbas, are rounded up and taken to the new temple for interrogation--none are seen again.
09/22 - The Dragonarmies send legions east to the Cursed Lands through the Eastwall Mountains and the Forsaken Pass. Verminaard and his men leave Haven, and he leaves Tethys, a Bozak, in charge of the occupational forces. A curfew is set up and carrying weapons and following any religion other than Takhisis is banned. Tethys sets himself up in the former mayor's mansion. Haahqae decides to stay at the Steel Tankard, paying for his room with coin now. Gregeddin visits Mateo's family to give the bad news.
9/23 - Occupying forces begin moving along the northern shore of the White-Rage River from Haven toward the Oldroad Bridge. In Haven, shops and businesses are reopened and everyone returns to work. Gregeddin visits Zoya and meets her husband. Tulbas begins his training under Magus.
09/24 - Dragonarmy forces arrive in Xak-Tsaroth and secure the Oldroad Bridge to New Ports. The Dragonarmies continue to build up large forces in Haven, Solace, and Pax Tharkas to make preparations for invading Qualinesti. Haven reopens its gates for travelers. The Companions make it to Solace to find it burned and occupied. There they are captured by the dragonarmy, along with the Qualinesti prince Gilthanas.
09/25 - The elves begin to flee Qualinesti. The first elven ship sets sail from Porlinost in Qualinesti for lands in the West. In Haven, the Temple of Takhisis opens and offers magical healing, for a price. The caravan the Companions are being transported on picks up a crazy old man named Fizban. Kendra wakes up from her coma. Tulbas learns Nora is an acolyte at the new temple. Gregeddin begins associating with the criminal elements of the city.
09/26 - In Haven, rumors begin to build that Necolai is alive and still active. The Qualinesti elves free the Companions and escort them to their homeland along with Gilthanas. Gregeddin buys a nice house in the merchant district of Haven. He also tracks down Miriam and Ismene at the Masked Dragon Inn.
09/27 - The Companions learn that the Qualinesti are fleeing their homeland. They are asked to sneak into Pax Tharkas through a secret passage and free the slaves there to buy the elves more time in the chaos. Along the way, they encounter a mercenary named Eben who agrees to help them; they also are followed by the Qualinesti princess, Laurana. They sneak into Pax Tharkas and become separated from Fizban and Tas. They encounter Elistan among the slaves, dying of sickness--Goldmoon heals him.
09/28 - Events of "Nobody Expects the Occupation" (CH. 6).
09/29 - Events of "The Viper's Nest" (CH. 7)
09/30 - Events of "Proving Worth" (CH. 8)
10/01 - Events of "Winter is Coming" (CH. 9) The armies march from Haven, Solace, and Pax Tharkas to invade Qualinesti.
10/02 - The Companions incite a slave revolt in Pax Tharkas. In doing so, they manage to slay Highlord Verminaard and free the slaves, leaving the army there in disarray. As a result, Verminaard's army does not meet up with the army from Haven for another two days. This allows the Qualinesti to flee their homeland before the invasion.
10/03 - The Companions and the slaves escape toward the dwarven lands to the south.
10/04 - The Dragonarmy manages to retake Pax Tharkas.
10/05 - Dragonarmies occupy the Ice Passages, the Canyon Trail, the Fallen Forest, and the Southern Road.
10/06 - Dragonarmies occupy the lands around the Spire, the Neidar Trails, High Valley, the Blackened Wood, and the Winterfruit Grove.
10/07 - The Dragonarmies invade the hill dwarf kingdom in the Lake Valley. They also occupy the regions of the Mountain Bowls, Honey Cliffs, Road of Kith-Kanan, and the Eye of Elar.
10/08 - To the east, the Dragonarmies occupy the regions of Way of the Warrior and the Trampled Plain. To the west, they have moved into the Valley of the Clouds, the Southern Exit, and the northern Snow Passage. The Companions arrive in the Hopeful Vale. Goldmoon and Riverwind are married. Events of "Hard Choices" (CH. 10).
10/09 - The Dragonarmies travel down the Derkin Canyon.
10/10 - The Dragonarmies head from the Eye of Elar into the Hills of Blood and the Plains of Dergoth. Events of "The Show Must Go On" (CH. 11)
10/11 - To the west, the Dragonarmies occupy the Southern Bowl, the Southern Moors, and the southern Snow Passage.
10/12 - Haahqae gets a job performing at the barracks. Delharn goes into hiding.
10/13 - Shima meets with Raena.
10/14 - The Dragonarmies move into the mountains around Thorbardin and into the Valley of the Thanes.
10/15 - Night of the Eye. Events of "Testing Grounds" (CH. 12). Felran dies.
10/16 - Haahqae summons a familiar. Raena fires Shima.
10/17 - Haahqae learns that Ismene was arrested for his crime. Shima brews a deadly poison for Cassilda.
10/18 - Kendra sells a piece of treasure. Shima stalks his target.
10/19 - The Dragonarmies chase the escaped refugees to the Hopeful Vale, but are too late. They have already been taken in by Thorbardin.
10/20 - Kendra warns Haahqae of the prefect's new security measures. Shima learns his target, Cassilda, is Arulia's sister. He confesses to Arulia what happened and she storms off.
10/21 - The Companions recover the Hammer of Kharas and turn it over to the Hylar Thane, Hornfel. Hornfel becomes the first King of Thorbardin in hundreds of years.
10/22 - Arulia sets up a meeting with Xyleena and Yvette through Aaron.
10/23 - Events of "Consequences"(CH. 13)
11/04 - Present day.

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