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Author:  TristenC [ Fri Dec 18, 2015 5:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

This is a Private Thread for Rivi's character Cross. It will contain:
-Character sheet (maintained by the DM)
-Character creation details
-Experiences separate from the party

Cross by Rivi
Grey Elf Mage (4), CG
XP: 13,145 (TNL: 20,000) (10% bonus for high Int)
Stats: Str 11 (wt allw 40, OD 6, Bb/Lg 2%); Dex 12; Con 10; Int 17; Wis 13; Cha 10
Ht: 5’ 4” Wt: lbs Age: 120 yrs Spiky shoulder length White Hair, violet eyes
AC: 10
Current Hp: 10/11 Status: Barely scratched! (MV 12/12)

Saves: PPDM (14); RSW (11); PetPoly (13); BW (15); Sp (12).
Special: Fear: (15); Horror (13); Madness (15) [includes elven +2 bonus to saves vs Madness]

WP: Dagger (1d4/1d3: R10/20/30)(of returning) Thac0: 19 (Untrained 24)
NWP: Animal Handling (12), Animal Training (13), Artistic Ability (13), Cooking (17), Engineering (14), Gem Cutting (10), Reading/Writing (18), Spellcraft (15)
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Goblin, Halfling, Drow, Kender
Harmonian (10+5%) = 15%

Racial bonuses/abilities: Grey Elf
90% resistance to sleep/charm, Infravision (60 ft),
Detect Concealed or Secret doors (10 ft): Inactive(0;1/6); Active(2/6;3/6)
+1 to hit with longsword, short sword, longbows & short bows
-4 to opponent surprise roll when with other Elves or Halflings and not in metal armor

Class/Kit bonuses/abilities:
Arcane casting, Arcane scroll use
Familiar: -1 to opponent surprise roll vs caster (heightened senses). Ability to communicate/command via Empathetic link with familiar up to 1 mile. \

Equipment: [weight in lbs], {objects in container}
Worn: Breeches, Tunic, Belt, Satin cape with violet lining, Top-hat with a violet band, knife sheath {dagger of returning (“Gar”)[1]}, belt pouch (sm) #1 [0.5]{empty}, belt pouch (sm) #2 [0.5]{empty}, belt pouch (sm) #3 [0.5]{empty}, belt pouch (sm) #4 [0.5]{empty}, Spell components pouch [1], good cloth cloak, gloves, Boots (riding),
Wt Carried: 4 lbs

Backpack (worn) [2] {spellbook, flint and steel[0.1], scroll case [0.5], whetstone [1], wineskin (empty)[1]}
Wt Stored: 4.6 lbs

5 pp, 27 gp, 5 ep, 13 sp, 30 cp remain [1]
Total Eq wt: 9.6 lbs (Unencumbered with or w/o pack)

Magic: Arcane
75% chance to learn. Max spells/lvl: 1st (10/14), 2nd (2/14). Max spell lvl 8th
Spellbook (43/100 used)
Lvl 1 spells: Burning Hands, Cantrip, Chromatic Orb, Dancing lights, Detect Magic, Magic Missile, Phantasmal Force, Phantom Armork Read Magic, Sleep, Wall of Fog
Lvl 2 Spells: Invisibility, summon swarm

Spells Memorized (3/2/-/-/-/-/-/-/na)
1st level: Magic Missile, Magic Missile, Sleep
2nd level: Invisibility, Summon Swarm

“Gar” (Garvindeermongegertiv)
Intelligent Throwing Dagger of Returning (very rarely speaks)

This small, finely balanced weapon has no magical bonuses, but automatically returns to thewielder's hand after it has been thrown, or if the owner speaks a command word/phrase. Named.

“Gar” has a curved blade that is pitch dark at the tip that gradually fades into a light gold like the dawn near the hilt. A large almond-shaped ‘eye’ with a yellow iris is set in the red leather-wrapped hilt. A small blue gem is embedded in the blade, with a larger on the pommel and a third tiny gem at one corner of the eye (like a tear duct).

Fenrir: Raven (Familiar. Bird)
Diet: Omnivorous
Hp: 07/07 (1+1)
AC: 6
Att: 1
Dmg: 1
Mv: 1, Fl 36 (B)
Wt: 4 lbs
Size: S (2’6” tall, 5’ wingspan)
Int: 8 (very clever, even for a Raven)
Thac0: 20
Morale: 10 (unless commanded)
Saves: As caster when in physical contact. Save for no dmg, fail for half dmg.
Otherwise: PPDM (13); RSW (14); PetPoly (12); BW (16); Sp (15).
Special: Fear: (15); Horror (15); Madness (18)
If a familiar dies, the wizard must succeed a system shock check or die. If the wizard saves, they lose 1 point of Con permanently.

Author:  Nocturno [ Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Rivi) Private Thread

/licks the forum before Rivi can use it

Author:  TristenC [ Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Rivi) Private Thread

Hah! ... sorry... found your dagger, though

Throwing Dagger of Returning
XP Value: 500
This small, finely balanced weapon has no magi-cal bonuses, but automatically returns to thewielder's hand after it has been thrown.

Author:  Rivi [ Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

eeeeww now it has noctourno germs on it

Author:  Rivi [ Sat Dec 19, 2015 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

He couldn’t even remember his birth parents they had taken him at such a young age. Cross was one of many. There were hundreds of the “picks”, a term for children kidnaped by the circuses of blades. They were a thief’s guild that traveled in discuses. The picks were to be trained into thieves. they would steal for the powerful guild as it move across the country side. the circus was famed for tricks centered on blades. sword swallowing, knife throwing and dagger juggling but this was just a guise to move unimpeded threw the lawful lands. the guild was led by a female elf named madam Loraina a powerful mage elf and the head line act at the show. the picks never left the caravan, being trained in “acts” for their impending employment as entry level “knives”. as the circus neared there next town the knives would travel a few days ahead and start robbing the city blind then leave before the troop arrived. this had wo important effects. first poor family’s became homeless families and homeless children go missing all the time, and a circus can really raise the spirits of down trodden citizens. Lords and barrens will pay premiums to have the troop stop and hearten the people and stave off possible riots. As a pick cross barley scraped by, he was as the teachers the “daggers” said “not talented but smart”. stealing from one another is how the picks honed their skills, cross didn’t see the point. They spent more time trying to figure out how to steal something then it would to just protect the thigs they already had. It didn’t help that he was somewhat clumsy. He passed most of the test the put in front of him more threw logic than skill. This was a big time for cross as he was turning 15 and would graduate from being a pick to a knife. This change meant no more stealing from one another which he longed for, but now as cross was unsure he didn’t like the idea of actually stealing from unassuming people. Taking from one of the picks was like sharing in a way. The dagger captains kept thing fair no one was too good to be able to horde stuff so the involuntarily shared everything. Now it didn’t sit well with him and he wasn’t sure he could do it. The other issue he had was he loved the idea of magic. the power and wonder a spell could produces intoxicated his young mind, but there was a ban on magic in the guild and it put a stop to this sought after dream for him. a dream he thought he’d never achieve. It wasn’t until the first raid that the best and worst thing that could have happened to cross occurred. Cross like most of the knives were to scout out the city silently at first, then begin to steal from the town. this time was the first freedom he had experience in his life at first home he finally decided to rob he stumbled apron a spell book nothing extreme no tomb of a grate master just a book of basic spell cantrips and light spell something a home maker with a little talent would use to make housekeeping easier, but it was the first time he had seen the complicated words of power and the enthralled him. he strolled away with the book. Hunched in a tree he memorized the spell and tried them all. He copied the spells on to a note book he had and returned the original with some of the gold they used for bribing guards.
Days past and cross couldn’t steal, he was too engrossed in the magic and felt more and more that this was not the life he wanted. he didn’t like taking from the poor and he needed to learn more magic. he was consumed with the idea, but the daggers sent to watch all the new knives were taking note of how little he had returned. he would give excuses and started performing chores for merger amounts to get some silver to turn in and practice the spell he now cherished. it wasn’t enough and one night the two dagger grabbed him while the rest slept and carried him off to a hid out in the sewers. All the way into a chamber lavishly decorated in silks and smelling of incents. it was dark little more than embers in braziers gave if any light. he looked at a bed placed half way between each wall and a table in between the bed and him. cross stepped forward more afraid than he had ever been in his life. a purring voice came out from the darkness of that covered bed, Loraina’s eyes locked cross in his place. “I’m confused your instructors tell me your smarter then rest of your class but your turning megger amounts of gold almost… as if you’re not stealing at all” an elf beautiful and slender slid out of the end of the bed all grace and fluidity. She wore a black dress with red and purple trimmings and a dagger of exquisite design was in her hands. she was twisting the blades tip on one finger and looking at it. ignoring the now terrified boy “so why” she screamed and slammed the dagger down into the desk “should I let you leave this place alive we’ve fed you and given you a home and this is how you repay us” she walked around the desk and slammed crosses head down right next to the dagger still quivering in the desk giving him a good look at. it a curve piece with a blade that looked like twilight at its tip bleeding into the dawn by its hilt. Which was a large almond shaped eye with a yellow gold iris, blue gem adorned the blade and one at the corner of the eye. the handle was reaped in a red leather and the pommel was another large blue stone. the eye moved looking cross in the eye. Loraina was rambling about how she may decide how to kill him or something but that dagger had all of crosses attention. then it whispered to him ever so quietly “she’s an illusion” that startled him out of his frozen state and he stood up. that stopped Loraina in her tracks. Cross found something nagging at his memory. He had over herd one night two daggers talking. saying “no magic was allowed because it could be used to see threw an illusion and Loraina had used one to hid some hideous deformity” the idea wouldn’t leave crosses mind Loraina said something to him and he look at the elf and then illusion began to fail it started with her eye they began to smolder and clouding over with a luminous red fire and her pale Wight skin started to crack and peal way like paint on a withered wagon, reveling ebony skin black as pitch and her dark black hair turned snow Wight. “You’re a drow” cross blurted out in surprise and it was all that saved his life. It stunned the dark elf long enough for cross to cast the only spell he had memorized that day. A light, he put two orbs of flashing lights in front of her eyes and she went mad. Slashing at her eyes she fell back into the bed screaming. the dagger yelled at cross, “take me with you!” knowing how much the dagger had saved his life he grabbed it and turned to the door as it swung open reveling the two body guards, not ready or the sight. They barely reacted and cross slid in a running slide over the slick sewer grounds in-between there legs. he got to his feet in a dead sprint as he ran the dagger said “stop here there’s a secret passage” cross checked and sure enough he passed right threw an illusionary wall and the guards thumped past yell for him they were understandably confused where he had wen. cross turned and looked down the hall leading away “if we follow this it will lead to a forest and we can escape” the dagger said calmly “thanks my names cross what’s your name” “the dagger seamed confused “know ones asked me that in a long time … its garvindeermongegertiv” “hmmm that’s kinda long are you ok if I call you gar” cross said as they reached the moth of a cave leading out of the city into the forest “ in a cherry voice the dagger said “sounds good to me” with that they now set off gar just happy to be free of his drow tormenter and cross looking forward to a new life looking for magic

Author:  TristenC [ Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

Holy crap, man... that was awesome.

So the sentient weapon thing is pretty rare, and way beyond what would normally be a starting item. However, since what's your background so well we can say that the dagger only spoke at first so you could get it away from the drow and escape. Since then it only speaks very rarely, and usually when your life is in serious peril. It will return immediately after throwing, and only to you (unless there is a specific reason not to). If you set it down somewhere, you can say a code word or phrase (up to three syllables) and it will return to you as long as it can 'hear' you.

This is gonna be good :D

Author:  Rivi [ Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

chaotic good

Stat rolls ... 21&macid=0
stat roll 1 [3d6] = 8 [3d6] = 14 [3d6] = 11 ... 22&macid=0
stat roll 2 [3d6] = 8 [3d6] = 11 [3d6] = 11 ... 23&macid=0
stat roll 3 [3d6] = 5 [3d6] = 13 [3d6] = 13

keeping 14,13,13,11,11,11

strength 11-1=10
dexterity =13
constitution 11+1=12
intelligence 14+1=15
charisma 11-1=10

Height/weight ... 28&macid=0
height roll [2d10] = 4
64 inch/160 pound

Initial Character Funds
(1d4+1) x 10 gp
gp roll [1d4] = 4

HP roll [2d4] = 4 ... 31&macid=0

i get one dagger

int gets me 4 and i start with 4 =8
Spellcraft 1
Reading/Writing 1
Gem Cutting 2
Engineering 2
Animal Training 1
Cooking 1

Character Encumbrance


these are the spells im looking at not quite Finished i still need to roll the chance to learn them

Level 1 spells
magic missile
unseen servant
dancing lights
Level 2 short list
minor image
summon swarm

gear (so far)

Belt 3 sp
Cloak Good cloth 8 sp
Breeches 2 gp
Boots Riding 3 gp
Gloves 1 gp
Knife sheath 3 cp
Tunic 8 sp
Backpack 2 gp 2 lbs.
Belt pouch Small *4 28 sp 2lbs
Flint and steel 5 sp
Map or scroll case 8 sp ½ lbs.
Whetstone 2 cp 1 lbs.
Wineskin 8 sp 1 lbs.

total gp used=16 and sp=68 cp=5
left over from 50gp =33 gp, 67 sp, 95 cp
(let me know if i missed something important or screwed up the count )


8.5 pounds of gear

i think that's all i can get done today let me know what im still missing if you could or what iv messed up if anything

Author:  TristenC [ Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

Looks good so far :)
Um... Race? I'm assuming human so far since there are no stat adjustments due to race listed, and your background seemed human...

there are a couple that boost Int if you like (mostly gnomes, but there are also the 'Grey Elves')

Author:  Rivi [ Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

i haven't thought of anything besides a human, but now that i look into it i like the idea of the Grey Elfs. so ill add the modifier and how it changes things.

strength 13-1-1(race)=11
dexterity 11+1(race)=12
constitution 11+1-2(race)=10
intelligence 14+1+2(race)=17
charisma 11-1=10

int gets me 6 and i start with 4 =10
Spellcraft 1
Reading/Writing 1
Gem Cutting 2
Engineering 2
Animal Training 1
Cooking 1
Artistic Ability 1
Animal Handling 1

Author:  TristenC [ Tue Dec 22, 2015 6:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

They make good a good pairing for mages because, you know, +2 int ;)

It makes sense that the drow mistress would hate you just a little more than usual, too :D

Let me know when you get your 'freebie' list ready and I'll roll for that

Author:  Rivi [ Tue Dec 22, 2015 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

ok at 17 int i have 75% to learn a spell

Level 1 spells
magic missile
unseen servant
dancing lights
Cantrip ... 89&macid=0
roll to learn level 1 spells 1-5 [1d100] = 26 [1d100] = 22 [1d100] = 65 [1d100] = 17 [1d100] = 64
ok i failed
magic missile
unseen servant
so that didnt go well lol

ok so picking three new spells

Phantasmal Force
Wall of Fog
Burning Hands ... 90&macid=0
roll to learn level 1 spells 1-3 [1d100] = 61 [1d100] = 42 [1d100] = 71
ok so iv got

dancing lights
Phantasmal Force
Wall of Fog
Burning Hands

Level 2 short list
minor image
summon swarm

Author:  TristenC [ Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

Alright, freebie roll time:
freebie roll for Cross [1d3] = 1
Looks like it's invisibility! Nice.

I may have forgotten to mention, I have been giving an extra 2nd lvl spell, so pick one and roll your chance to learn. If you fail it you can try different spells until you pass
And as a mage you get Read Magic and Detect Magic. You have 1 spellbook with 100 pgs and your spells take up:
Cross spell pages: 1st + 2nd lvl spells. [7d6] = 21 [2d6+2] = 8+2 = 10: 31 pgs of your spellbook (includes the 'new 2nd lvl spell)

Author:  Rivi [ Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

Summon Swarm ... 97&macid=0
roll to learn level 2 spell [1d100] = 90

so i got that one without an issue

level 1
dancing lights
Phantasmal Force
Wall of Fog
Burning Hands

level 2
summon swarm

ok so what else am i missing

Author:  TristenC [ Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

I guess just ypur age and a brief physical description in the 'cast of victims' thread for when the other players meet you :) I'll try to get your statblock put together and a first post up for you before tomorrow night :)

Author:  Rivi [ Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cross (Rivi) Private Thread

OK so I'll do the discription tommorow or tonight

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