Act 1, Scene 4: "To Skald" (Game Thread)
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Author:  Nocturno [ Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:29 pm ]
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"I don't think so... if it is open it is being begged to be entered! How could that be wrong!"

Author:  Chris1234 [ Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:55 pm ]
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“I get it, Merrick, thanks,” whispers Jerry as she tries to snuggle his arm. “I want you to know I wouldn’t do that. He seemed off. It was just greed but I feared he was other than as he appeared. You know..”

Author:  TristenC [ Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:13 pm ]
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Upper Skald, The Grand Hall of Song and Dance: Adrastia, Elsa, Mira and Pyros
Elsa shakes her head, half amused half in wonder at Pyros. Gods help me, I think I’m finally beginning to understand you… The Halfling nods at Mira’s remark, She’s young, and she has got a fire in her. If she ever learns to control it, look out world.

Adrastia grunts again as the girl departs, Reminds me too much of someone I used to know. She mutters, blinking after as if surprised she had said that, even under her breath. Shall we back to the inn then? I might need to ask some questions around the Old Kartakan later tonight, but I want to be prepared first.

Lower Skald: Jerry and Merrick
The half elf doesn’t resist, and pats her arm gently back after only the briefest moment as she holds him. Well… no harm done… Just… just be careful please… Merrick leads them back towards the city gate, The others said they would meet us at the inn, he says as they pass through. Re-entering the opposite gate, the pair return to the Broken Wheel, finding themselves the first to arrive.

[unless Jerry wanted to make another stop somewhere?]

Author:  Chris1234 [ Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:20 pm ]
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Jerry enjoys their closeness as the pair return to the Broken Wheel.

Author:  Nocturno [ Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:25 am ]
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"You understanding me? I don't even understand me... but I guess I never really stopped to try."

Author:  Jenara [ Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:19 pm ]
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"Thats why I like her." She replies and watching the Girl depart. "Someone you used to know? Funny, it reminds me of someone I still know, she simply forgot who that was, lost in a haze of blood and Dragons." Where had that person gone? The one who walked from Haven through a war zone to find a place she called home? She used to be no different to that girl, war, starvation, fighting to survive.. they had pushed all those dreams aside.

"You think you understand Kender, and then you get totally turned around." She winks, forcing herself to consider Elsa and Pyros before shaking her head, standing as she does so and returns to the Inn. "Come, lets go back, we can't learn anything else here."

Why had she come here? To find a Crown for some woman she barely knew on the small chance it might take her home... home? Her home was slowly becoming a distant memory, perhaps it was because she had been here so much longer than the others? They still remembered home, and for most of them it actually seemed like a place they might wish to return to.. what did she have left?

No family, a job that barely gave her enough to eat let alone live... the thought of what she had to do just to keep a roof over her head sent a shudder down her spine, she'd pushed the memories aside yet now they had bubbled back up to the surface.. That greasy old.... his hands on her. Shuddering suddenly she nearly trips, her mind dragging back to the present.

Author:  TristenC [ Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:11 am ]
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Upper Skald: Adrastia, Elsa, Mira and Pyros
Adrastia gives a considering look at the bard and nods. Yes… well… wait.. Dragons? Her look turns amused. Looking around she lowers her voice slightly, You don’t know about the shape-changers but you believe in flying lizards that breathe fire…? The warrior shakes her head in amusement.

Elsa chuckles at Pyros’ reaction. Sure! I just think of what my little cousin would do when he is hopped up on sweets. She grins widely, He’s 8 this year. She laughs, but hugs the Kender around the shoulders. Adrastia Smirks at the remark, seemingly recovered her humor from before.

The Halfling notices the Bard’s darkening mood and pats her comfortingly on the back. Hey… you ok…? Listen… we’ll get out of here, alright? I know things aren’t great in your homeland, so you can come stay with me! She grins, her infectious upbeat attitude doing its best to combat the gloom. You’ve never seen a Halfling feast or the annual storytelling competition! You’ll love it! And we’ll drink the freshest mead made from pure clover-honey and you can sing your songs and people will love it!

Before long, the group makes their way back down to the Broken wheel, the last 20 feet or so of the stretch descending the hill proves rather steep, but they manage. Inside the four can see they are the first of the group to return. There are still not many patrons about, only 3 or 4, but Erris stands behind the counter cleaning the bartop. Her expression brightens as the group enters. Ah! You made it after all. Thomas said you had. She calls out in Elven.

Upper Skald: Jerry and Merrick
Merrick leads Jerry back towards the inn quietly; whether from nervousness or simply enjoying her company she could not say. The pair spot the other women of the group and Pyros as they move into the Broken Wheel just a moment ahead of them. [They see the same things inside but don’t hear Erris call out]

Upper Skald, The Broken Wheel: [Everyone]
A few minutes later Cross and Artanis return to the inn.

Author:  Chris1234 [ Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:54 am ]
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Jerry waves at the group with her free hand and smiles as they approach the other.
"What breaks? Apart from things near a certain little fellow." She smiles at Pyros, the subject of her teasing.

Author:  Nocturno [ Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:20 am ]
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"What? Oh, haha!" Hearing the barkeep speak elven Pyros will order and ale and some type of quick snack he can eat quickly.

Author:  Jenara [ Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:37 am ]
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"Believe? When you have a huge Red fly over you, trust me you believe. And they don't all breathe fire!" Mira responds totally deadpan, "These things don't exist where I come from."

"I know Elsa, sorry, bad memories thats all the dreams don't help. I was just thinking why we are here, we need to be damn sure that this thing can help us." turning her attention to the Halfing more she nods, "That sounds really nice, I just wanted to sing my songs." She explains as they walk into the Inn.

"Erris!" Miras face brightens as she approaches the bar giving the woman a warm smile, "We were just exploring, its different." Noting Merrick and Jerry she waves a hand and then to the others. "It looks like we are back together at last. When would you like me on stage Erris? I need to do a little prep and some practice, I had an idea for a new song and I'd Iike to get it ready."

Author:  TristenC [ Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:26 pm ]
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The dusky hued warrior blinks at Mira’s assertive remark about dragons. She studies the entertainer’s face for a moment before nodding slowly as she responds, Many places have strange creatures… the… ones I spoke of exist in many other places as well… so I hear. she amends at the end. I suppose legends must come from somewhere… no wonder you are loathe to return home… She says, seemingly a trifle disturbed for a moment to hear the existence of such things was real.

Elsa gives the taller woman a hug around the shoulders as best she can from her elevation, We’ll muddle through somehow, don’t you worry. she says, squeezing tightly for support.

Pyros runs right up to the counter and orders an ale and a snack. Erris grins widely at him, but glances askance briefly at Mira before pouring the diminutive Kender an adult beverage. Out sight-seeing? she asks as she brings out a small bowl of salted nuts and thin, crispy dried breadsticks.

The bard makes her way over, and Erris nods cordially with an amused smile as if greeting an old friend in a comically formal fashion, I was beginning to worry you’d been detained… she says with a laugh, the smile breaking free. Any time around sundown should be fine. Of course the longer you play the better the tips. she says. Looking about, she frowns slightly. But where is your young man? Still out painting the town? she chuckles.

[Time is 6:00 PM, sundown is in about half an hour]

Author:  Jenara [ Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:06 am ]
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"Stories always have truth behind them." Mira agrees, grabbing the Halfling she hoists her up and gives her a small cuddle before letting her down.

"Oh no, we were just sightseeing, and meeting the locals." Her grin fades as Erris speaks of Yasir, "Sadly he chose another path, I hope to see him again, but that hope is fading." She responds trying to hide her sadness. "I'm going to change, practice and I'll be down shortly. Elsa." Handing the Halfling the bag of Gold she grins. "Share this as we agreed, and put a few behind the bar so we are ok this evening for food." Squeezing the halfings hand. "Thank you." She whispers kissing her cheek.

Author:  Chris1234 [ Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:11 am ]
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"Want to join the others now? Or shall we go freshen up first?" Jerry whispers to Merrick.

Author:  Nocturno [ Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:50 am ]
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Pyros will sit contently sipping and crunching.

Author:  TristenC [ Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:24 am ]
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[Nocturno, did you want to continue running Cross or pass him off as NPC?]

Adrastia considers the bar’s words silently a moment, but seems to take them to heart. She nods upwards once to Erris, who prepares an ale for the fighter. Elsa squawks abruptly at Mira’s response, and laughs a little nervously. I don’t think I’ve had quite enough mead to enjoy being tossed about yet, she chuckles, But I hope you’re feeling a little better. she says; a sympathetic look at the redhead woman after the query about Yasir. Taking the bag, Elsa looks around. I’ll divvy it up in private I think, but for the food… The Halfling woman digs out some of the coin and sets it discretely near Erris, For our group, until it runs out. she says in Elven. Erris’ eyes widen slightly as she accepts the coinage. Of course… Elsa gives the bard one final hug before the entertainer moves upstairs to prepare for her set.

Merrick pats Jerry’s hand. I’m alright, unless you need to freshen up? he says, half in question. I need to tell cross about the scroll though. He did mention he had been looking for one. As Cross and the ranger enter, Merrick waves the Elven man over. I seem to have found what you’re looking for… The scroll you inquired about from my cousin. There is a place called The Stone in Lower Skald that sells such a thing… It seemed a little over priced at 150, but it might be the only place around that has one.

Artanis moves away from the others, content to be out of the crowd. Picking a booth in the far corner, he sits with his back to the wall where he can easily observe the rest of the room. There are few other patrons about, and the party makes up the majority of the people in the common area. Noticing the Ranger’s isolation, Adrastia gestures for a second ale and moves to join him. Half-sitting half-flopping down in the opposite side of the booth, she miraculously manages to do so without spilling a drop of either drink. She sets the fresh mug before the redheaded half-elf and turns her back to the wall; sitting with her feet up on the long bench-like seat so that she too can see the room with ease. She raises her mug to him and takes a pull. So. You survived the shopping spree? You don’t strike me as the bargain-hunting type. Artanis glances at the drink, but she tilts her head towards the others, The bard sold something. That’s from group coin for expenses.

Taking the mug Artanis mutters, Well… maybe just the one… before taking a measured drink. And I avoided the shopping… not much of a city person, really… the river was nice though… very relaxing aside from all of the logging going on. But as thick as these forests are, I can’t imagine they’re making a dent.
Adrastia smiles, Fishing but no fish? she asks, somewhat teasingly. A small smirk peeks beneath the ranger’s red beard. Catch and release. He replies. Don’t want to deplete the natural resources without need.

The warrior smiles again, a rare sight on her pretty but sun-weathered face. Raising her mug again she says, To the great outdoors. May the towns and cities be always at your back. Artanis chuckles again, I’ll drink to that.

Elsa discretely passes out the gold to the others at different intervals so as not to flash the coin.

Quick check: Was the final decision 20gp/ person and 10gp aside for party food expenses?
Adrastia turned down her portion initially, but I think Elsa will reserve it for her anyway.

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