Act 2 Scene 2: “In Search of The Crown” (Game Thread)
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Author:  mltillis [ Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:23 pm ]
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Pytor rises to his feet with a frown. Quickly grabbing his gear, he departs the room and the tavern. If not for the obscuring clouds and mist in the sky, he would have cursed the sunlight. Making his way to the stables, he goes to Satâr de Ceaţă's stall and waves away the stable hand. "I'll take care of her boy. Go tend to the others." After fetching meal and water for the mare, he grabs a brush and begins combing her coat. Pyotr makes quick work of the task as it helps to calm his thoughts. Once satisfied with his steed, Pytor returns to the tavern and looks to see if anyone is having breakfast.

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Jerry gently grips Merrick by the arm and turns him over, looking for damage and gazing into his eyes.
After establishing that he is physically ok, she whispers to him, "That was the worst yet!" and puts her arms around him. "No matter what this dreams say, know this you are my joy. Anything else is false."

A few moments of quiet companionship and reassuring warmth pass as the priestess concisely recounts her dream, seeking to establish whether those involved experience the same things. Jerry adds, "One thing, please." She rolls over and reaches under her pillow before turning back with a short, sharpened, flame-hardened stake. "If I am 'turned', that is death from blood-drain by a vampire, use this on me. Just here. Promise me?" She indicates the point of entry to find her heart. And cries, burying her head on his shoulder .


A little later while the pair clean up and dress Jerry suggests that 'Protection from Evil' might be an appropriate spell for the day's journey and recounts the methods for dealing with vampires.
Indicating the door she enquires, "Shall we?" A brief pat on her tummy clarifies that breakfast is the topic of seeking.

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[Lol, crit on a cantrip check eh? Let’s say the perfume covers her and the whole room then.]

Girls’ Room: Adrestia, Elsa and Mira
Adrestia gives Mira a quizzical look at the question. Awkward? No… it has been some time since I was in a caravan, but the Vistani are not shy amongst themselves. It is not so unusual. The warrior shrugs at the question of sleep, though her eyes bear the slight shadow of a restless night. Dreams cannot hurt you.

Elsa feels at the corner of her mouth, wincing slightly. A small red bump becomes visible where she seems to have bitten her lip in the night… You don’t have to worry about me. Besides, we’ll all be together.

Jerry and Merrick’s room: Jerry and Merrick
Slowly the half-elf draws his hands away from his face, scratches too shallow to draw blood criss-cross his lids and cheekbones from where his own nails had dug into the skin. When Jerry hands him the stake, he simply stares at it for a long moment. Eventually he speaks, A… are you… sure? I don’t know if I can do that.. As she breaks down, he pets her hair gently, muttering a hesitant I… I’ll try… Eventually the pair dress and make their preparations before heading downstairs.

Downstairs: Pytor, Pyros, Jerry and Merrick
Pytor gathers his things and sets about caring for Satâr de Ceaţă, leaving Adran in the room alone. The familiar movements and routine eases his dream-addled mind. After finishing, he returns to the common area to find Pyros. There are a couple of locals chatting over coffee, and one of the waitresses is seeing to her duties. Before long, the half-elves Jerry and Merrick descend into the common area.

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