Act 2 Scene 4: "Descent into Darkness" (Game Thread)
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Author:  Jerrard [ Wed Dec 18, 2019 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Act 2 Scene 4: "Descent into Darkness" (Game Thread)

"Have I slighted you good Sir? I find myself in a strange place, torn from my friends, from my Men, to find myself in this Evil place, and you accuse me of wrongdoing?" Karl places his hand over his heart, his shield falling loose, he stands straight, his face open. "While I feel my personal history is not of import, especially considering the news of these 'Goblyns' I will answer your question, as it is of import to you. I will forgive your ignorance, just like I have no knowledge of your homeland. Before the War, I was a Guardsman in Therguard, I protected the City, until it was attacked by Dragons of all things." He keeps his eyes on Pytor.

"My Order, the Knights of Solamnia, we follow a strict set of Rules, Rules that as Lady Mira will tell you have been in place for over a thousand years, we have an Oath. 'My Honor is my Life.' I would not, nay, COULD not do one of those things you speak of, lest my Lord Kiri-Jolith strike me down in disgrace." He keeps his head level.

"Sadly I cannot say I have met with may of your People Master Elf, I have had no reason to head to the Isle." He speaks in response to Cross, "You obviously fought well Master Kender. I will ensure I have you nearby in future."

Author:  Nocturno [ Wed Dec 18, 2019 7:20 pm ]
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"Neither have I. My captivity kept me from my people. Now I am on a quest for knolwedge, arcane or otherwise!"


"I feel how Uncle Tassle must feel. Travelling with his knight. Now we just need a dower Dwarf threatening me at any occasion!"

Author:  mltillis [ Wed Dec 18, 2019 7:24 pm ]
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"So Kiri-Jolith has an entire order of knights who have served his family for a thousand years? I suppose if he is a King or Emperor then his men are above dealing with the vagrants and poor... Just let the local Baron's men do as they will, as long as the King's name is not tarnished directly? If you are truthful, then perhaps you are naive. Such is the way from where I came. Can you claim that your world differs? Then again, does it matter to the woman and child being run down and trampled which crest is worn by the armored rider? Their final thoughts are of bloodied iron-shod hooves... " Pytor turns from the knight with a huff and gathers Satâr de Ceaţă's reins. "We should get moving. He came from the south. If he claims it clear and you trust his words... Then we need to pick which a path North or Eastward."

Author:  TristenC [ Wed Dec 18, 2019 8:13 pm ]
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[Mel, unless i missed it Sir Karl has not commented on what lies south. The raven Fenrir has seen but did describe two caves to Cross; so not a total dead end.

Jerrard; Pyros mentioning his 'Uncle Tass' is something Kender occasionally do on Krynn (referring to Tasselhof as their relative) however, there might actually be more to it in this case...]

Elsa smirks at the Kender, Well if you think I'm going to play the grumpy old dwarf you can just forget it. she teases, reaching to tussle his hair. To Sir Karl she clarifies, Meadville is just a small trading village of my kind. As for Yondalla, well I'm sure... thinking again, she grins amusedly, Actually, if there are no Halflings on your world, then i suppose I'm not surprised there is no parallel... I have heard rumors that gods take different names on different worlds... Yondalla might be called Perissia in some places. She is the goddess Provider of nature, growth and peace for her people, the Halflings... I uphold all the gods of good, be they of my land or others, but I feel a special connection to her. The sun-haired cleric appears about to go on, but she stops, blushing slightly. Sorry... I uh... I tend to ramble sometimes when meeting ni... um.. new people.

A large raven, nearly two feet in height of body, swoops down amid the others to perch on the shoulder of the Silvanesti Elf. Stark white hair and Pitch black feathers paint a stark dichotomy in the dusty crimson canyon. The bird shifts its weight and flaps slowly a few times, making itself seem larger in a protective gesture... Eventually it settles down and watches the newcomer with an uncommonly intelligent eye for a bird. It is not lost on the Knight, that the raven watches the rest of the group with a seemingly equal scrutiny...

Adrestia gives her brother a slight askance look, though keeps her eyes peeled for any threats. Quietly she whispers so only her brother can hear, The law is not always kind, but he is clearly not from here or your home... and he appears to be alone... If he causes trouble we and your friends can deal with it, but this is a dangerous place to have a shouting match in...

Author:  Jerrard [ Thu Dec 19, 2019 8:54 am ]
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"Grumpy old Dwarf? You are far too lovely to be seen as such. Ah, then your Goddess would be akin to Habbakuk, Brother of my Lord Kiri-Jolith." Karl responds to the Hafling first, "Rambling? Nay my Good Lady, faith is never Rambling."

"Good Sir, you insult my Honor. Kiri-Jolith is not my Lord, he. He is my God, he is the patron of soldiers and warriors who fight in order to defeat evil, he promotes courage and justice, and is the spirit of honorable battle." At Adrestia's words he nods, "I believe you are correct Good Lady, this appears to be a bad place to discuss our differences." He speaks to Pytor, never changing his stance

"At risk of offending you once more, I may have a small suggestion? On my way here I encountered two small caves in the rock, they seemed of little import at the time, they may require some attention." He Turns again to the Kender. "I expect you will wish to take the lead, much like Tasslehoff." He grins, almost ruffling the Kender's hair but thinking better of it. "I await your orders."

Author:  Jenara [ Thu Dec 19, 2019 9:08 am ]
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Mira smirks at Elsa, shaking her head at the Girls reaction.

"Pytor, do you trust me? Have I lied to you? This man is a Holy Warrior, a Knight of Goodness and Virtue, I don't know what your issue is, but.. Stow it for now. Caves you say? Worth a look, we need to keep an eye out for these Goblyns." Acting now Mira grabs the crossbow again, tapping Elsa's hand. "Pyros take point, Art, want to head with him? Can I trust you three to take the lead? I'll take the rear with Elsa, Adran, Jerry, Merrick and cross in the middle where we can protect you." She pauses. "Unless we have a problem?"

Author:  Jerrard [ Thu Dec 19, 2019 9:09 am ]
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Karl smiles softly, nodding. "As you wish My Lady."

Author:  Nocturno [ Thu Dec 19, 2019 9:11 am ]
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At the sound of that Pyros spins on his heel and quickly moves south. Again slinking around any cover he can get he will look for the first cave, then approach.


"Fenrir saw nothing else before but he will keep watch as well."

"Go watch over the little one. Make sure we are the only ones who approach him."

Author:  Jerrard [ Thu Dec 19, 2019 9:19 am ]
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(Sorry, in all the Anti-Knight Vibes I missed a reply about Fenrir).

"That is an impressive Bird, many Knights and Lords keep Birds, but little of such obvious Intelligence and quality." He smiles at the Slivanesti, "I appreciate having him watch over us."

Author:  Chris1234 [ Fri Dec 20, 2019 9:50 am ]
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Jerry whispers a little too loudly, "The nearest I've seen to this are the Cormyrean Purple Dragons."

When introduced (or obviously spotted) she nods politely whilst reserving judgment.

When the discussion turns to directon Jerry speaks out, "We were to head south. We should still do so."

Author:  Jerrard [ Fri Dec 20, 2019 4:25 pm ]
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If Karl catches the whisper he says nothing, instead he motions to the pretty Half Elf with his hand, "My Lady."

Author:  TristenC [ Sat Dec 21, 2019 11:54 am ]
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Artanis and Pyros take the lead, heading southward through the canyon, shadowed by Fenrir high above. They come to an area that at first glance is a wide dead end. After the pair get a little farther in, a couple of features become more obvious... Two dry cracks open up on either side of this dead end canyon. The cracks are high but narrow.

As the rest of the group follows from a distance, they note that a terrible anguish seems to hang heavy over this cut de sac; though there is no blatant hazard. The parched canyon walls here look even more dried and hardened than they do elsewhere in the canyon complex. As Pyros and Artanis move farther in, they discover that the stakes are actually surrounding something previously unidentifiable by distance and low-angle of view. In the very center of the canyon is a human skeleton drawn taught by leather thongs fastened at the wrists and ankles. Each of the leather straps is fastened to a wooden stake that is driven deeply into the ground.

#5 is the staked skeleton.

There are two cave entrances or rifts in the canyon wall One to the north and one to the south. The number 7 on the map is misplaced. they are located at the red circles. 1 square is 10 feet

Screenshot_20191221-125517_Dungeon Sketch~2.jpg
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Author:  Jenara [ Sat Dec 21, 2019 4:33 pm ]
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"Well isn't this just lovely?" Mira shakes her head, at sight of the Skeleton she averts her gaze, "You know thats probably the remains of..." She doesn't finish, chosing to leave those words unsaid. "I'm no stragegist, but doesnt this feel like a great place to spring a Trap?" She eyes both entrances, then the body, well what is left of it anyway.

"Personally I've had enough of Skeletons to last me a lifetime, the last ones we tried to pass nearly beat us into a pulp, I say we let this one hang. Deal?" Still, she knew what the Knight would say, he was probably already thinking of giving this unknown soul a proper buiral, "Lets focus on the living." She squeezes Elsa's hand.

Author:  Chris1234 [ Sat Dec 21, 2019 5:05 pm ]
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Jerry watches to one side while Merrick watches to the other.

Author:  Jerrard [ Sat Dec 21, 2019 5:22 pm ]
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"This place has an ill air, Evil hangs like a blanket." Karl surveys the scene from Bayard's back, "Someone no doubt left that as a warning, we should put this poor fellow out their misery." He brings Bayard forward at a slow step, "A trap? You believe this to be a trap?" He ponders, this as he tracks the Charger around in a circle, "This is a evil place, a truly evil one. I am unsure." He hangs spinning back to face the caves, then the solitary figure.

"It is an ill thing." He lowers his head, hands pursed together. "My Lord, give this poor soul the rest he deserves, allow us to take justice on who placed this poor fellow in this state." Head raised once more he surveys both entrances. "We would need to leave the horses here."

"My Lady, do you have a view on this?" He spies Jerry's lack of action, "I believe we have yet to be introduced." He offers his hand.

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