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 Post subject: New Information
PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:45 pm 
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Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:31 am
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This is a post to include information about anything I've added that isn't actually in any generic PHB (I think), meaning I made them or found them in a far off book.

(There is no "implied" steampunk feel, it is just how technology has went considering the lack of iron and such things in the sky islands)

-Clockwork - Essentially a clockwork-y form of an item, some function exactly like the base, but some have special changes and such (rare to find)
-Steam - Essentially used to power engines and run pneumatics, not really used for anything else...
-Bronze - Essentially the "replacement material" for weapons, iron is hard to find. (Almost as durable, a *little* lighter)
-Sky-ships - Not normally found in a PHB. The main transportation in the world, and very useful.

Clockwork Tinkerer (Cw Tinkerer)
[To be balanced or removed, idk]
Main stats : INT and DEX (INT:15 and DEX:12 for the bonus 10%)
Higher Int will increase your available creations, higher dex will increase your chance of success.

Starting cash 4d4 x10 ep

WP: Initial 2: new one every 4lv, penalty -3. (One free lvl1 proficiency is a clockwork item)
NWP: Initial 4: New every 3lv. (Free: Clockwork creation(Dex -1) Memorize Plan(INT -1))
Find/Disable Traps (25%)+5% if mechanical, Repair Clockwork(20%), Salvage(15%)-10% If nearly destroyed, Improvement (15%)

Any armor over 1AC = -5% times (AC-1). Any gloves that are not gloves made for this delicate work give a -5% as well. CwTinker armor (AC3) created from some really hard to obtain materials gives a +5% because it is made to do this.
You gain 20 points a level, 10max in a specific set per level. (Up to 95max)

Clockwork Creation: You create something out of clockwork parts and other pieces. If successful, you will spend (1d6/2hours * level)[+1 if level 3 or higher] to create.
Memorize Plan: Essentially, you can think up a plan and memorize it, you get a +1 if it's a plan on paper that you didn't make.
Repair Clockwork: Self-explanatory
Salvage: Also, self-explanatory (Re use parts from broken stuff and yah.)

Memorized Plans: (Yes, I will be listing the plans AND the costs in parts)[Parts will be put in after plans are mem'd, or ask me to contemplate costs to slots]
1- Simple things (A clock, compass, tiny catapult that shoots small pebbles)
2- Traps and more elaborate stuff (Clockwork traps that take some actual thought to make)
3- Clockwork items(Includes a fancy armor for any class, AC3, and CwTinkers get bonus 5% to rolls :P) (the armor roll gets a -10%, it's so intricate right)
[4] - (Only obtainable if "Int 20") - Includes VERY detailed things, say a cannon or something, VERY high cost to create.

The difference between these and spells is that these can be reused AND rememorized, however, you need to be INT 16 to replace (Penalty is +2hours to learning it added to the time it takes normally.)

Exp will work the same as a rogue, with an added 500/level-1.

Hit Dice (d6)
1 - 1
2 - 2
3 - 3
4 - 4
5 - 5
6 - 6
7 - 7
8 - 8
9 -9
10 - 10
11 - 10+1
12 - 10+3
13 - 10+5
14 - 10+7
15 - 10+9
16 - 10+11
17 - 10+13
18 - 10+15
19 - 10+17
20 - 10+19

<These are your maximum allowed>
INT 3 - 1lvl 1
Less than INT 8 gets 3 lvl 1 and 1 level 2.
INT: 9-10 - 5 Lvl 1, 2 Lvl2
INT: 11-13 - 6 Lvl1, 3 lvl 2
INT - 14-15 - 6Lvl1, 3 lvl 2, 1 lvl 3
INT - 16 - 7 Lvl1, 3 lvl 2, 1 lvl3
INT - 17-18 - 8 Lvl 1, 4 Lvl3, 1 lvl 3
INT 19 - 8 Lvl 1, 4 Lvl3, 2 lvl 3
INT 20 - 10 Lvl 1, 5 Lvl2, 2 Lvl 3, 1 lvl4
INT 21-23 - 11 Lvl 1, 6 Lvl2, 3 Lvl 3, 1 lvl4
INT 24 - 12Lvl 1, 6 Lvl2, 4 Lvl3, 2 Lvl4
INT 25 - 14Lvl 1, 7 Lvl 2, 4 Lvl3, 3 Lvl4

At level 1, you will have 3 Lvl 1.
Lvl 1 at: 2,4,5,6,7,10,11,12,14,15,16,18,20
Lvl2: 3,6,9,12,15,18,20
Lvl3: 5,10,15,20
Lvl4: 6,12,18. A bonus one is applied if INT 25 and level 20.

Knight of Melinar
(Mecitari 'Paladin')
A Paladin of Melinar that happens to be one of Melinar's people, the Mecitari, is a special thing known as a "Knight of Melinar".
Requirements: Mecitari
-They are a Paladin in essence, except they must be in line with Melinar rather than LG. If they willingly work with the enemies of Melinar, they loose their powers until the issue is solved. They may work with a party that contains an enemy so long as they do not agree with said person. They may do Good, Lawful, or Neutral acts.

Mecitari are mechanical constructs that have the basic features of a human. They are the creations of Melinar, since she was the one that gave them life. Their faces are smoothed, consisting of only eyes and a hinged lower jaw. Their bodies can be of almost any material, however most are made out of bronze or a similar material. While they do have distinguished genders, personality and physical, this is purely ascetic. They are entirely capable of understanding emotions and senses, however they cannot taste, or smell anything. Their sense of touch is based only on pressure, as they do not have the ability to feel textures. Their voices have a noticeable difference to them, and they can easily be determined by that alone. They cannot feel pain, and cannot be affected by most forms of magic that affect living creatures. They must be repaired to fix any damage done to their bodies. Through the helpfulness of Glintier, they may still use clerical magic, however healing magic does not affect themselves.

There are even a select few that have human-like faces and are made out of rarer materials. Some also have hands that contain sensors, allowing them to feel textures (excluding liquid or gel-like ones.) If they have a human-like face and wear a 'body-suit' they can pass as a human, although it wouldn't take much observation to realize they aren't.

Essentially, thing of robots that can think, see, hear, and do things on their own.


Aurorum - A vibrantly blue material that can mend itself if broken. Hardness 14, Resistance: P9 S12 B16
Aururum - A material made out gold and Aurorum. It takes on a golden-orange tint. It's much more effective, able to mend itself as long as the pieces are close. Hardness 10, Resistance: P7 S 9 B 14
Fever Iron - reddish, deals fire damage. Hardness 10
Blood glass - volcanic crimson-hinted obsidian. Hardness 14
Flametouched Iron - speckled rusty dark red ore, refined to shimmering silver. Hardness 10
Orichalcum - red copper-gold. Hardness 12

Drav - Lost Souls: Octhania
Elf - Fighter/Thief - Smith
The Dragon
The Phoenix
The Eagle

Felran - War of teh Lance
Phaethon - Fighter

Unnamed - Ravenloft
Grey Elf - Wu-jen Elementalist (Fire)

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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