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 Post subject: Character creation guidelines
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:08 pm 
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Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:18 pm
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    The following guidelines are intended to help players create a character suited for this adventure and enhance the game for everyone

  1. The first and most important guideline to consider when generating a character is what kind of character will help you to have "fun". Now let's carefully consider several different definitions of “fun” and what makes the game enjoyable for you as a player:
    • Fantasy, the game is “fun” as an imaginary world where characters live with magic, monsters, and mythology
    • Narrative, the game is “fun” as development of a character in a creative writing exercise
    • Challenge, the game is “fun” as an obstacle course of monsters, traps, and hazards characters navigate, with death as a constant reality
    • Fellowship, the game is “fun” as characters cooperate and collaborate towards a common goal
    • Discovery, the game is “fun” as characters to explore and interact with the environment
    • Expression, the game is “fun” as acting out character traits, behavior, and unique abilities
  2. Excluded classes and races for player characters include
    • Necromancers
    • Psionics
    • Ninjas
    • Dual classed characters
    • Monstrous race characters, such as minotaur, goblin, etc
  3. Dice rolling will be done on the honor system. As DM, I frequently invoke a dice roll for one or more players by describing the possible outcomes in terms of success and failure. Players may also request dice rolls to attempt an action based on an ability score or special ability. Some examples include thief sneaking silently, priest turning undead, a wisdom check to learn a clue at a difficult impasse, etc.
  4. Ability scores are generated by 3d6 for each ability score but disregard any totals of six or less and reroll when necessary. Assign the scores to your character's six abilities however you want.
  5. For starting XP and character level, roll for XP based on character class and then determine level
    • Warriors’ XP = (3d6) x 475
    • Wizards’ XP = (3d6) x 575
    • Rogues’ XP = (3d6) x 575
    • Priests’ XP = (3d6) x 650
  6. For starting money and equipment, roll based on character class and then deduct gold as you equip the character.
    • Warriors 5d4 x 40 gp
    • Wizards (1d4+1) x 40 gp
    • Rogues 2d6 x 40 gp
    • Priests 3d6 x 40 gp
  7. For magical items, propose several magical items for approval. Approval requires a brief explanation (meaning two or three sentences, at most) and background describing how the character acquired the magical items.
  8. You may choose the appropriate number and type of Non-weapon Proficiencies and invoke them during play.

All of these are subject to approval. Please post additional questions below.

I try to post at least once daily, late at night in the Eastern (New York) Time Zone.
I am not available Friday nights to at least two hours after sundown on Saturday.
You may contact me at 917-426-4483

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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